Exactor BPO is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, with a wide experience 
acquired in the definition and execution of processes for companies of different sectors
and industries, offering the following services to a market every time more demanding:

Customer Service / Atención a Clientes,
Sales audit,
Customer retention campaigns,
Comprehensive collection management,
Back office,
Masive send of IVR/ SMS/ Mail.

Team: We are all one...

Directors, managers, administrators, operators, purchasing department, sales 
department, accounting department, human resources, cadets ... we are all one.
Exactor BPO, the idea is simply that ... Represent the company in the best way.

Sergio A. Flecha
General Manager
Exactor BPO

Walter Traba
Operations Director
Exactor BPO

Roberta Meyer
Comercial Director
Exactor BPO

Marcela Seoane
Administration Manager
Exactor BPO

Elizabeth Yapur
Quality Manager
Exactor BPO

Nahuel Vitelli
Systems Manager
Exactor BPO

In Exactor BPO we have a structure of Media Controls strongly profiled and oriented to the
management by processes.


Exactor was founded in July 2002, based on a project developed with one of Argentina's 
leading cellular companies, with the objective of providing debt collection services to
national, provincial and municipal government agencies.

The first offices were located in Juncal and Esmeralda and had only two employees.

In 14 years we have increased our staff to 270 people and our offices went from 65 m2 to
700 m2, without considering in this metric spaces in outsourced offices.

The first move was to Reconquista and Corrientes to an office of 120 m2, with a high
projection of growth.
Then, we acquired three more offices in the same building expanding the surface to 500 m2.

In 2010 we continued with the expansion and moved the corporate areas to 25th May in a
200 m2 office. Thus, the areas of operations remained in Reconquista and Corrientes,
and in the 25th May, the corporate areas, with a total of 700m2.

The year 2014 finds us with three floors exclusively used by Exactor BPO destined for more
than 250 operative positions in the street Reconquista and Av Corrientes, in addition to the
corporate offices located in 25th May street near Corrientes Av., both located in
The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This expansion of spaces and personnel arose as a consequence of the growing demand for
services by our existing client portfolio and those clients and businesses that were added,
among which we highlight the incorporation and improvement of Customer Service processes
/ Customer Services, Collection Management, and purchase of loan portfolio in arrears of a
major cellular company.

The expansion of the portfolio of clients and services led us to migrate from providing only
collections services to being a BPO (business process outsourcing) with a very strong
orientation towards continuous process improvement.

Mission: Professional teams managing and optimizing processes for professional

What is the business focus and value proposition of Exactor BPO?
We are a service provider dedicated to outsourcing Processes. 
We offer, based on our experience and expertise, a solution to the outsourcing
of processes, which leads to a reduction of costs, and greater efficiency and
effectiveness in their processes.

We provide outsourcing services for critical and high impact operational
processes for companies with a strong orientation towards a highly qualitative
and efficient customer service.

In general, from Exactor BPO we encourage our clients and potential
clients to outsource all those processes that do not do to their
core business, so that they can concentrate all their efforts on the focus
of their operation and that they successfully perform what is best They know how to do.

Exactor BPO is a partner with extensive experience and solid reputation,
in which your company can entrust the operative task that is outsourcing,
optimizing costs, processes and results.
Who does Exactor BPO offer its services to?            
Exactor BPO offers the services of Customer Service / Customer Service, Sales Audit, 
Collection Management, Back Office Processes, Sales Campaigns, Customer Retention
Campaigns, Comprehensive Collection Management,, Surveys, and IVR / SMS / Mail.

Our clients and potential customers are companies that have in-house processes
that they need to outsource in order to optimize their operations, reduce resources
and costs, and focus their entire structure on core business tasks.

Our clients and potential clients are organizations that provide services of various kinds:
insurance, public services, financial entities, consumer credit, telecommunications; Among
other organizations of mass consumption whose consumers and users have the need to
communicate to consult account statements, policies, balances, commercial plans, or make
claims and suggestions, and / or other interactions.

Ask us how we can support your company.

Vision: To be leaders in the outsourcing of business processes, providing
innovative solutions with operational excellence and professionalism

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