The sense of belonging is to feel part of a group, a society or an institution, this has its origin in the family since it is the first group to which we belong.

Being loyal to the group and following their rules gives an identity and a security; The more secure the person feels, the higher will be their community feeling and will be more willing to follow rules of coexistence.

Each achievement is a grain of sand for the institution and is also the construction of ourselves and our society. When we have a sense of belonging and satisfaction it is possible that we manage to live in a better environment, since nobody cares what does not value.

This makes the places and the tools that we use are in optimal conditions, thus facilitating the tasks and makes it easier for us to meet our goals.

Each of us must take care of everything that the institution represents because it has an important meaning, a philosophy; Of which we are part. Feeling pride gives us courage as people.



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