Exactor BPO offers the following services to companies that have in-house 
processes that need outsourcing in order to optimize their operations,
reduce resources and costs, and focus their entire structure on core business tasks:

Customer Service
xxEffective Solutions

Through its contact center, Exactor BPO provides effective solutions for 
customer loyalty campaigns, product sales and / or services, data
verification, etc .; Reducing contact costs and taking advantage of the
economies of scale offered by outsourcing, dedicating much of their
management to the analysis of results and the positive or negative
effect they may have on the client.

The key is to define and adequately structure customer service processes,
with clear instances of permanent audit of them, to optimize the
development of the operation and to detect problems in a timely manner
(to correct them before they cause damage in the operations of The
company) and identify situations that need to be adjusted or refocused,
intensively monitoring the corporate operations of this sensitive and
determinant area.

The risks of developing customer service processes, inefficient or without
adequate control, can be so crucial to the evolution and future of a
company, which is as imperative as vital, to strengthen and evaluate

Three central reasons why your company should hire Exactor BPO to
ensure the quality of its customer service processes:

  • Exactor BPO engages in the client's processes, understanding for
    example that a subcontracted process of care to the insured
    (continuing with the example of an insurance company) is part of
    a whole and that, in understanding the whole, the solution will be
    integral And the result much better.

  • Exactor BPO establishes a close bond with its client from a shared
    management, which aims at the integral improvement of the latter
    transversal processes.

  • Exactor BPO understands that the service provided to its client must
    be a long-term business, and if it is necessary to reduce resources,
    in the case of providing a service that involves the hiring of man
    hours, from field work, it will be because Did a good job of process

    The quality level of customer service processes is directly related to
    the business results of a company. One more reason than important
    to give them the right care and coverage.

Sales audit
xxDetailed examination

Companies that identify sales deficiencies, when executing an efficiency 
rating of the marketing of their products and / or services, should carry
out a more detailed study of their processes, known as Sales Audit.
A sales audit is a detailed, periodic and independent review of all areas 
and / or management that make up a company's marketing environment
(business units, brand management, marketing channels, etc.), as well
as its objectives, Strategies and activities. It should aim to identify
problem areas and opportunities for improvement, suggesting an action
plan to improve the company's sales efficiency. On the other hand, it
should show where the company is in terms of achievements in relation
to what is planned.

It is important to emphasize that, due to the current market dynamics,
where the preconditions on which planning is carried out vary day by
day or, at best, remain for a short time, it is essential to have an
efficient And constant sales audit, customized according to the needs
and requirements of each client.
Sales control is the natural sequel to the planning, organization and
implementation of marketing processes.

At Exactor BPO, based on our experience of 12 years in the market
advising first line companies, we develop sales audit processes, with
the following characteristics:
Detailed: covering all the activities related to the sales of a company
and not only problematic aspects of the commercialization.

involving an ordered sequence of diagnostic stages,
covering the organization's environment, sales objectives and
strategies, systems and specific sales activities. The diagnosis will
indicate the most necessary improvements, which should be
incorporated into a corrective action plan, involving short and
long-term stages, in order to improve - in general - the sales
efficiency of the organization.

Customer Retention Campaigns

At present, Exactor BPO has a process of Customer Retention that starts
from the called In of a customer. The first intention is to discontinue
insurance - either because it considers that it does not meet their
expectations, because I never request it, or because it is more expensive
than what was reported. The operator that receives this call aims to prevent
this client, in many cases obfuscated, request the withdrawal to this service.
The ways vary as much as can vary the reasons for request of discharge,
either clarifying any doubts that arise to the client, offering a coverage that
meets their needs, and - in many cases - offering a product of lower value.

The clear intention of this process is to prevent the client from continuing
with his goal of withdrawing insurance.

Back Office
xxPlanning and execution

Through the Back Office Exactor BPO service, we offer solutions for the
planning and execution of critical processes for our clients, making available
resources that have been trained and have vast experience in the specific
tasks entrusted to us.

We provide periodic management reports with information needed to make
decisions immediately, on any point in the Back Office process.

xxSpecial needs

From a specific need of our client, we define the data to be relieved, the
number of calls to be made and the number of surveys necessary for the

For the execution of this type of processes, it is necessary to define profiles
of respondents, quantities of records of the sample, questions to be asked,
times in which the questions should be asked. It should also be defined
whether the survey should be performed by a live voice operator or
performed with ivr prerecorded execution.

Sending IVR / SMS / Mail
xxService and more service

An IVR campaign consists of calls made to a prequalified database. When
the system detects that the call was answered, a prerecorded audio is
played: offering a product, asking a question or remembering the
non-payment of an invoice.
In all cases the system offers the possibility
to enable a menu for the client to press the desired option, either to
communicate at the same time with an operator or to answer a question.
The operation of the IVR and the interaction with each client is totally

On the other hand, there is an IVR to attend and resolve customer
queries as automatic attention centers of credit card companies, which
provides the possibility to check balances, expirations, available, enable
cards, etc. without the need to communicate
With an operator.

An SMS campaign is simply the sending of a text, this can be offering a
product, remembering the lack of payment, performing a pulicidad, etc.
Sending SMS is limited to cell phone lines.

Email campaigns can range from sales and advertising to reminders of
non-payment and / or invoice submissions and payment orders.
campaigns allow the sending of texts, images and / or even audios.

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