Why Do Your Customers Hire Exactor BPO?

Our clients choose us for the quality of our processes and the added value given to them, both with reports and the depth of analysis of the information obtained. Likewise, we are selected for our clear methodology and approach for process management, which distinguishes us from the competition. We are also highly valued for the quality of customer service to our customers, and the information provided on the evolution of their customers' calls. All the processes executed in Exactor BPO are adjusted together with our clients and they are documented in order to be able to audit at any time the management of said process. Every process has documents in the form of manuals describing the responsibilities and functions of each of the HR involved in the process, a flow chart or analysis of the process and a description of each of the tools used in it, execution times , Schedules of management, detail of reports to be issued, etc. The reports that are normally generated, and are highly valued by our clients, include:

  • Number of calls processed by IVR.
  • Cantidad de llamadas procesadas por el grupo de operadores.
  • Number of calls processed by the group of operators.
  • Customer waiting time online.
  • Number of calls with call opening.
  • Statistics of common problems in customer processes.
  • Proposals for improvement in the processes of BPO and Client Exactor operation.
In addition to the general reports, reports are made at the request of our clients. Another aspect highlighted by our clients is the following: every record that enters our management systems is analyzed, either as a general and / or monthly value, or as a particular item. The reports that are issued periodically can clearly show the quality of the management that is being carried out since, from standardized management indicators, deviations can be visualized immediately in waiting times, number of calls entered, among other variables. Our customers value the ability of Exactor BPO by:
  • Understand the criticality of processes.
  • Dar respuesta inmediata a sus requerimientos.
  • Offer prices according to the services provided.
  • Generate multi-reports in a timely manner.
  • Innovar y aportar calidad.
  • Consolidate professional work teams.
  • Ensure an adequate organizational structure.
  • Apply an efficient methodology and approach for process management.
  • Develop continuous improvement processes.

What is the added value that Exactor BPO brings to its clients?

The methodology for process management and continuous improvement processes are the most considered as added value by our customers, added to the flexibility in processes and the customization of systems.

Exactor BPO customers are mass consumer companies whose consumers and users have the need to communicate to view statements, policies, balances, business plans, or make claims and suggestions, among other interactions.

Some of our customers:




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